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Aylesford Newsprint works with local authorities, community recycling networks, waste management companies, merchants and other collection organisations, receiving paper from kerbside collections and recycling banks across the UK.We were the first newsprint mill to make 100% recycled newsprint back in 1984. With more than 20 years’ recycling experience, we offer partnerships which are based on industry knowledge and provide value for money. We are a UK-based reprocessor, and encourage suppliers to visit our Kent mill to see the paper recycling process. Follow a newspaper from the doorstep, through the pulping and fibre cleaning process and on to the paper machines where it is made into new newsprint, fulfilling your Duty of Care obligations.

Aylesford Newsprint offers both short and long-term contracts or partnerships, offering flexibility without compromising on service.

All suppliers have a dedicated Area Manager to oversee the contract. They offer invaluable advice and experience and will help to ensure that your paper recycling scheme is practical, environmentally responsible and maximises diversion. In addition to our highly competitive price, we also offer bonus payments to those suppliers that regularly provide good quality material. These bonus payments are available to help fund educational activities and campaigns to promote recycling, and have been used by our current suppliers for competition prizes, recycling boxes and literature.

We can arrange haulage for you if required.

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