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  1. Dear Sir,
    This is Joanna, from Shandong Rainbow International Business Co., Ltd. in China.
    Our main products are kinds of spare parts of paper making machine and stock preparation equipment, such as pressure screen, pulper, felt, dryer, cleaners, rolls, pulp pump, agitator and so on. If you want to replace some parts of your paper making production line, we will give you my technical support. And some components of these products, we had built long cooperation with the manufacturer and will provide you lower price than the factory.
    Our web is http://www.sdrainbow.com. Pls check our website.
    If you want to upgrade your paper making production line, we have professional technicians to provide professional support.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us. We will do our support on time.
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Best regards,

  2. Hi,

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  3. Constantine 25000 Alegria

    Mobile Number / + 213552385173

    Email address /narell@hotmail.fr

    Recycling7979@hotmail.com to Mr. Director (


    Boubidi Abderrahim Date00 / 00/00

    Object of the request. International Commercial Agent Application

    Madam / Month Boubidi Abderrahim

    I wanted to bring you my skills with my office team for the position of International Trade Officer. we have a large list of customers. We are special agents of the Algerian paper and cardboard manufacturer looking for raw materials such as paper fiber and cardboard packaging. We do not find these products in Algeria, because company there is a single supplier these company (lc paper spanish) does not happen to supply all the plants here in Algeria but we are trying to establish good relations with good supplier for these factories. We have a strong demand here in Algeria. I speak fluently French and English. I have an office with a team of agents here in Algeria and a large list of customers here in Algeria who will be very interested in your product because here we have Algeria here is an international offer here in Algeria where they ask you for a product with a large sum I would be happy with my team and my relations with big companies to open the portal of the Algerian market where you will produce my training in business and my relational skills and my sense of responsibility his teacher in all positions wishing to convince you of my motivation with a real capacity of adaptation, I would be happy to be part of my team. One of you, international agent here in Algeria, ladies and gentlemen, please, my sincerest feelings, we expect a good answer from you, I wish you a good day

    Thank you

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