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On Tuesday 6th November, 2017 the biggest machine upgrade in the history of Aylesford Newsprint began on Paper Machine 14 (PM14). Aylesford employees and contractors alike were ready and prepared to start work on the removal of the old head box and the installation of the new Opti Flow D head box; a mammoth project and a culmination of a year’s methodical planning. At the same time as this work it was considered judicious to upgrade the More

Quick Facts about the old Aylesford Newsprint

Quick Facts about Aylesford Newsprint Paper Machine 14 (PM14) is 120 metres long, 9.4 metres wide and operates at 1,680 metres per minute. Paper Machine 13 (PM13) is 90 metres long, 5.4 metres wide and operates at 900 metres per minute. The Gas powered combined heat and power plant is owned by Npower Cogen and produces 92 Mwh of electricity and 120 tonnes of steam per hour. A further steam generator (the sludge combustor) also produces a More


We are an independent producer of premium quality newsprint operating a single site in a large global Forest Products Industry. We produce 400,000 tonnes per annum of newsprint which is 1% of the total world production of nearly 40 million tonnes and 4% of European production of 9.2 million tonnes per annum. Our turnover is about £130 million per annum and we achieve a high level of output with production of over 1,000 tonnes per employee. We More

Sustainable management

Sustainable management, materials recovery and protection of the environment are all an integral part of our activities. We take responsibility for our actions and not only progress technical development but also seek to continuously improve our own environmental performance. We continue to minimise our impact on the environment by selecting the use of raw materials, transport and by careful operation of our manufacturing processes. We have been a leader in the development of recycling methods and continue More


Aylesford Newsprint works with local authorities, community recycling networks, waste management companies, merchants and other collection organisations, receiving paper from kerbside collections and recycling banks across the UK.We were the first newsprint mill to make 100% recycled newsprint back in 1984. With more than 20 years’ recycling experience, we offer partnerships which are based on industry knowledge and provide value for money. We are a UK-based reprocessor, and encourage suppliers to visit our Kent mill to see More

Some recycling figures

    On average 32% of the rubbish we throw away is paper and card, most of which is newspapers and magazines. All of this can be recycled. Every tonne of recycled paper we produce uses 60% less electrical energy in its manufacture than the equivalent newsprint produced from fresh fibre. Whilst recycling recovered newspapers and magazines into newsprint, we recycle over 90% of the water we use. Recycling paper products releases limited timber resource for alternative More

Energy Generation

We operate a co-generation plant to produce about 140 tonnes of steam per hour and about 92 Mwh of electricity for use by ourselves and other customers. Part of the energy plant assets are owned by Npower Cogen on mill land. The mill owns and operates the process residue combustor which produces steam by burning process residue from the recycling process. The steam is used for electricity generating before being used in the paper making process.


We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 52 weeks a year and about 140 of our employees work a 12 hour shift arrangement, whilst the remainder work standard weekdays. Our people combine the craft, skills and experience of a long established paper-making industry with the most modern technologies available to manufacture ‘Renaissance’ premium quality newsprint. We did employ 380 people and 20 apprentices. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week More

About US

We did manufacture newsprint by recycling recovered newspaper and magazines and operate a large gas fired co-generation steam and electricity generating plant. We have a process residue combustor which contributes to our energy production and a landfill site known as Margetts Pit. The papermaking site was 60 acres and has facilities for raw materials storage, pulping, paper making and automated despatch. There is also water abstraction equipment and treatment plants as well as a railway siding and More


Since the inception of Aylesford Newsprint, marketing initiatives and product branding has been innovative and exciting. Following the Renaissance Art Awards that launched our product in 1995 to the current “people” branding, the company has developed a distinctive style. The year 2018 has seen the launch of the new reel wrap design, together with new livery for our Lorries. Projects such as our 10th Birthday celebration for PM14, the design and production of the Aylesford Christmas card More