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Month: May 2017

About US

We did manufacture newsprint by recycling recovered newspaper and magazines and operate a large gas fired co-generation steam and electricity generating plant. We have a process residue combustor which contributes to our energy production and a landfill site known as Margetts Pit. The papermaking site was 60 acres and has facilities for raw materials storage, pulping, paper making and automated despatch. There is also water abstraction equipment and treatment plants as well as a railway siding and More


Since the inception of Aylesford Newsprint, marketing initiatives and product branding has been innovative and exciting. Following the Renaissance Art Awards that launched our product in 1995 to the current “people” branding, the company has developed a distinctive style. The year 2018 has seen the launch of the new reel wrap design, together with new livery for our Lorries. Projects such as our 10th Birthday celebration for PM14, the design and production of the Aylesford Christmas card More